Significant improvements slated for Altgeld Gardens in 2017

A new playlot adjacent to newly rehabbed Altgeld Gardens apartments will be ready for children come springtime.

Some two years after CHA and BPI reached a legal agreement, CHA is poised to begin more significant development of new and renovated community facilities in Altgeld Gardens.  In addition to the rehabilitation of 218 Altgeld public housing apartments, the agreement calls for the construction of a new family resource center with a much larger library, a new childcare center, major renovations to the Carver Park Fieldhouse and the Gautreaux Childcare Center, plus newly paved sidewalks, streets, and bicycle paths.  

CHA has hired architects to design the major renovations planned for the Carver Park Fieldhouse and the Gautreaux Childcare Center.  It plans to select architects for the new family resource center and library, as well as for the current community center (the “CYC”), during the next few months.  

CHA plans to host a series of community meetings in the coming months to gather stakeholder input on design and construction phasing.  All projects are scheduled to be completed in 2018.  

With the completion of such important facility improvements, coupled with the extensive rehabilitation of residential apartments, all Altgeld residents will have the opportunity to live in a much improved and safer community.

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