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Debate over Chicago Police Department's traffic stop strategy moves to federal court


Black Chicago drivers more likely to be stopped by police than to get traffic camera tickets, study finds


‘This will not be 1968.’ Chicago police prepare for DNC as whole world watches once again

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Impact for Equity Releases Issue Briefs Analyzing Implementation of the SAFE-T Act

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State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s draft policy is a positive step forward

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Controversy surrounds Kim Foxx's new policy on drug, gun charges

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New policy would overhaul long-criticized Chicago Police Dept. traffic stop-and-search tactic 

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Toothless: Illinois path to builder’s remedy prompts little affordable housing

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Alternatives to Traffic Stops Highlighted at Police Meeting in McKinley Park


Activists demand justice in fatal Chicago police shooting

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Mayor Johnson's bond plan should address vacant CHA land


CAN TV Chicago This Week E3 April 19, 2024

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Laura Washington: We know one thing from the Dexter Reed shooting. Driving while Black is a systemic problem.


Fatal police shooting of Dexter Reed sparks outcry to reform CPD’s use of traffic stops


Chicago organizers rally behind Dexter Reed’s family as city releases video of fatal police shooting- The TRiiBE 

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When Can Chicago Police Officers Use Force? Here’s What to Know


In wake of fatal police shooting of Dexter Reed, local advocacy groups call for changes to traffic stops

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Police district councils face discord 1 year in 

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Civil rights groups concerned about CPD traffic stops impacting drivers of color

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Police Continued To Target Black And Latino Drivers In Traffic Stops In 2023, Report Shows

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Chicago Police traffic stops increase for the third year in a row, a new report shows

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Chicago Police Continued to Target Black, Latino Drivers With Flood of Traffic Stops in 2023

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New 2023 Traffic Stop Data Report

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Routine traffic stops have resulted in gun charges for thousands of Chicagoans

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Impact for Equity Releases First Issue Brief on the Implementation of the SAFE-T Act's Reforms

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It's getting harder for towns to ignore their lack of affordable housing

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Chicago police traffic stops skyrocket after CPD ends stop-and-frisk, data shows

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The CHA Owns More Than 130 Acres Of Vacant Land And Buildings — Enough To Fill 25 City Blocks

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Pretextual traffic stops target Black and brown drivers, new report finds

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Changes to Illinois Law Create Additional Tools to for Illinois's Urgent Housing Crisis

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As City Battles Housing Shortage, CHA Lets Hundreds Of Empty Homes Decay

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Compounded Housing Crisis in Chicago Demands Urgent Action


Free to Move Coalition Calls on City Hall to Put an to End Harmful Pretextual Stops

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Free2Move coalition demands end to racially driven traffic stops

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Local coalition calls on CPD to ban pretextual traffic stops

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Plan proposed to reduce excessive traffic stops of Black, Brown motorists

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Traffic study finds Chicago police are 6 times more likely to stop Black drivers

Chicago police

With no roadmap, new police district council members urge Chicagoans to lead the way


Chicago’s Black, Latino drivers targets of racially biased traffic stops, ACLU lawsuit alleges

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Traffic stop investigation's findings echoed in new report

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Traffic Stops by CPD Rose 35% in 2022, Despite Being Racially Disparate and Ineffective

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Sluggish Pace of Chicago Police Reform Effort Complicates Public Safety Debate in Mayor’s Race

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New Citizen Board for Chicago Police Oversight Gets Ready for Election

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Serious questions remain about city’s commitment to the CPD consent decree

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120 candidates file petitions for Chicago's all-new District Council seats

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Prison policy allows more educational opportunities for inmates

CPD Article

What’s the full cost of the Chicago Police Department?


Leaders’ exits challenge Chicago police reform effort during crucial stretch

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Latest Consent Decree Report

WBEZ Illinois Corrections Resized

Misconduct by Corrections Staff in Illinois Prisons 

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Shareese Pryor Raises Alarms About the Quality of CPD's Positive Community Interactions (PCIs)

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BPI Discusses Chicago Police Reform Progress

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Former CPD officer Jason Van Dyke to be released from prison 

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On the eve of Jason Van Dyke’s release

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Watchdog Replacement

ECPS Press Release

ECPS Press Release

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Build trust? Start by enacting the police-reform measures already OK'd. 

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If Chicago wants reform, expand the powers of the inspectors general

BPI New Staff Press Release

BPI New Staff Press Release

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Mayor Lightfoot Demands CPD Change Foot Chase Policy After Shooting of 13-Year-Old 

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Shareese Pryor part of 1st cohort of Black Bench Chicago

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Aldermen OK New Contract for Chicago Police Brass That Allows Anonymous Complaints 

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