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Consider donating to Impact for Equity to help sustain us in the fight for racial, economic, and social justice. We rely on the generous support of people who share our commitment to making racial and economic equity a reality for children, families, and communities.

Your Contribution

By contributing to Impact for Equity, you will be taking a stand for justice as a partner in our work. We are grateful for your support at any level and are mindful of the trust in Impact for Equity’s mission and work that your contribution represents.

Impact for Equity is a 501(c) (3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. EIN 36-2675852

By Mail

Print and mail the contribution form below with your credit card info or check.

Impact for Equity Donation Form

Please make checks payable to “Impact for Equity” to:
Impact for Equity
Attn: Development
25 East Washington Street
Suite 1515
Chicago, IL 60602

Other Ways To Give

Matching Gifts : Many companies will match employees’ charitable contributions to eligible nonprofit organizations. This is a great way to extend the impact of your gift to Impact for Equity.  Check with your employer to see whether your company will match your gift and what the procedure is for doing so.  Please email development@impactforequity.org for any needed documentation or assistance.

Gifts of Stock or Securities: Gifts of appreciated stock or securities can provide potentially significant tax benefits. Please contact development@impactforequity.org for more information on making a contribution of stock to Impact for Equity.

Planned Giving: Another significant way to express your personal commitment to the mission and work of Impact for Equity is by including Impact for Equity in your estate plan. Leave a lasting legacy with the ultimate gesture of your support in Impact for Equity’s mission to fight for racial, economic, and social justice, as you increase the impact of your donation and potentially save on taxes by Impact for Equity in your estate plan. A bequest in your will or designating Impact for Equity as a beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy supports Impact for Equity’s work and may reduce your taxable estate. Consulting with your tax advisor is, of course, an important first step in this process.

Name Impact for Equity in your will: You can include Impact for Equity in your will.  A bequest to Impact for Equity qualifies for estate tax charitable deduction.
Sample language: I bequeath ______ (insert dollar amount, estate percentage, or item/ property to be donated) to Impact for Equity,  EIN 36-2675852, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, with its principal offices at 25 E. Washington Street, Suite 1515, Chicago, IL, 60602 to be used for its general purposes.

Gifts of Life Insurance and Retirement Plans: If you have life insurance through your employer or own a separate policy, you can name Impact for Equity as a beneficiary. You can also make Impact for Equity the beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan, which can provide potentially significant tax benefits. Impact for Equity’s EIN is 36-2675852.

There are a number of other gift vehicles that may also be appropriate for your situation. Please contact development@impactforequity.org for more information on Impact for Equity’s planned giving options.

Cy Pres Awards: Impact for Equity is eligible to receive cy pres and residual fund awards.  Cy pres awards can honor and advance the interests of class members while helping continue the fight for racial, economic, and social justice. Consider recommending Impact for Equity as a recipient of cy pres or residual funds in any class action settlement or judgment with which you are involved.

To further discuss any of these options to support the work of Impact for Equity, email  development@impactforequity.org for more information.

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Please review our Donor Bill of Rights.

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