Yale Professor Andrew Papachristos Explores Chicago’s Social Networks

In a lecture at Loyola University Chicago on March 13th, 2014, Center for Urban Research (CURL) alum and current Yale professor Andrew Papachristos explored how understanding the growing field of network science helps understand Chicago’s gun violence epidemic. Using data on fatal and non-fatal gunshot injuries for the entire city of Chicago, this presentation described the severe concentration of violence within small social networks and how one’s position in such networks relates to the probability of getting shot. The implications of such networked insights for policy, prevention, and enforcement efforts were also discussed.

Thank you to CURL – our Visiting Fellow in Urban Poverty – for extending the invitation for us to attend and share this powerful lecture. For additional reading on the topic, please download a copy of Professor Papachristos’ report “48 YEARS OF CRIME IN CHICAGO: A Descriptive Analysis of Serious Crime Trends from 1965 to 2013.”

You can follow Professor Papachristos on Twitter at @AVPapachristos.

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